Site Suitability Testing (Percolation tests)

Nigel Redmond Architecture and Building Surveyors carry out Site Suitability Testing in County Wexford in accordance with EPA guidelines.  We are approved by the Local Authority to carry out site suitability reports (percolation tests) for one-off houses and small developments.

Nigel Redmond Architecture and Building Surveyors have successfully completed the Fás/FETAC certificate course on “Site Suitability Assessments for On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems”, run in conjunction with the GSI and the EPA.

We place a strong emphasis on the quality of our work and our reports as well as a high level of customer care.  A site assessment can help ensure that the best type of wastewater treatment system is chosen for your site.

Septic Tank licenses

The new inspection and monitoring system will occur in 2013.

The key feature of this system is that the owners of properties served by septic tanks and other on-site wastewater treatment systems such as treatment plants, will be required to operate and maintain their systems correctly.  These systems will be subjected to an inspection at specified intervals to ensure that they are functioning efficiently.

We are awaiting the official guidelines to be issued by the Department of Environment and by the Local Authority regarding the official inspections process that are due to commence in 2013.  We will update this section upon the release of these guidelines.  To provide advice on the matter now would preempt and mislead the extent of the works that may or may not be required to your foul disposal system.

If you are suspicious or are of the opinion that your foul disposal system is defective or posing a environmental risk we can carry out inspections to establish the current performance standards of your wastewater treatment system and advise on the appropriate action to modify or upgrade your system to comply with the current Code of Practice issued by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2009.

Water Attenuation Design  

Water Attenuation Design primarily involves examining the risk of flash flooding from a particular development and implementing the necessary measures to control the flow of storm water back into a natural water outlet or allow the discharge of storm water to ground through a specially designed stone sump.

It is necessary to carry out detailed calculations in order to design the attenuation system required.  All our calculations are based upon the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) design code or the BRE Digest Engineering guidelines.

A lack of understanding by many consultants can result in excessive amounts of attenuation volume being recommended at a considerable cost to the developer.  In other cases the attenuation volume is incorrectly located.  Nigel Redmond Architecture and Building Surveyors have the expertise to carry out these calculations accurately, thereby minimising expenditure on the attenuation system.